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Integrity Solutions®

I have partnered with , Integrity Solutions® (IS), a US based performance improvement organisation that focuses on developing sales and service teams that achieve measurable business results – increasing sales, customer loyalty and talent retention. Integrity Solutions was founded over 45 years ago by Ron Willingham and today has delivered performance improvement and training programs to over 2 million Managers, Sales and Service professionals in 120 countries.

Integrity Solutions has worked in both the public and private sectors to achieve measurable business results based on increasing sales, customer loyalty, and employee retention and management performance. We have trained more than 25,000 internal Champions/Facilitators in organisations to deliver our programs based on the needs of our customers. IS solutions are grounded in the values of integrity, ethics and customer-focus which enhance the ability of our clients to create value for their customers. We provide sales, service and management coaching training programs that lead to sustained behavioural change and promote a strong customer focused culture within an organisation.

IS programmes are focussed on achieving sustained performance improvement and behaviour change through “live on the job” application of our communication methodologies, concepts and discovery learning.

Typically our structured programmes include a one day facilitated introductory seminar and seven to eight week facilitated follow-up sessions of 60 to 90 minutes each to apply the learning, share the results and experiences of each participant. Further monthly performance enhancement facilitated sessions are optional depending on clients’ needs. Follow-up sessions can be facilitated face-to-face, by phone or on-line as appropriate to client requirements.

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 For more information about Integrity Solutions visit our website:  www.integritysolutions.com.